Very Tentative 2018 schedule

Title Date/Time Room Length Status
Beyond Westworld: How Robots Are Changing Our Lives Right Now Audience: General
Science Fiction has promised our imminent demise as well as our prosperity when it comes to robots throughout the years. How are robots being used, & what can we see in the future? Join Christopher Clingerman, robotics software engineer at Exyn Technologies, for a glimpse into our robotic reality.
Presenters: Christopher Clingerman
Fri 10:00 am;  Atlanta;   1 Hour(s);
Kitbashing & Metal Leafing Audience: General
Need a cosplay part that patinas just like actual metal? We will be talking about kitbashing, greebles, & how to work with metal leaf as a way to make models & parts without a hefty price tag. We will also talk about archival techniques & next steps, if you really want to go full Fabergé.
Presenters: Panelist: Julie Simancek
Fri 11:30 am;  Atlanta;   1 Hour(s);
Work the World with Waterjet Audience: General
Learn why many makers choose waterjet for projects from powerful fighting robots to jewelry. These computer-controlled machines that shape with high pressure water have forever changed the approach to design & construction. Examine the problems & potential of building with waterjet cutting.
Presenters: Panelist: Simon Arthur
Fri 01:00 pm;  Atlanta;   1 Hour(s);
Maker Village Setup Audience: General

Fri 02:30 pm;  Atlanta;   1 Hour(s);

Maker Village & Cosplay Rapid-Fire Repair Station Audience: General
Maker Village & Cosplay Rapid-Fire Repair Station.
Fri 04:00 pm;  Atlanta;   2.5 Hour(s);
Artificial Intelligence; Prosthetic Memories Audience: General
On shows like Westworld, AI means self-aware robots. But a lot of what’s called AI in today’s world is advanced pattern matching. Meanwhile, researchers are learning how human memory works & augmenting it. Can machine learning & prosthetic memory devices move us towards movie AI?
Fri 05:30 pm;  «» 210-211;   1 Hour(s);
Practical VFX Tricks for Movie Makers Audience: General
Fon Davis will use his extensive background in motion picture VFX to outline miniature & in-camera practical FX tricks used in Hollywood blockbusters that you can use in your movies.
Presenters: Peter Abrahamson, Fon Davis
Fri 07:00 pm;  Atlanta;   1 Hour(s);
Battlebots Viewing 8pm Audience: General
Starts at 8pm–come early. This will be a viewing of the episode airing on Friday 8-31-18.
Presenters: Volunteer: Valerie Hill
Fri 08:00 pm;  Atlanta;   1 Hour(s);
The M.A.R.S Mission Audience: General
The interactive’Mobile Aerospace and Robotics Study’ that puts the public in the driver’s seat of a simulant Mars rover.
Presenters: Volunteer: Carrington Chun
Sat 11:30 am;  « Atlanta;   2.5 Hour(s);
Splendid Teapot Racing Audience: General
Bring your own teapot racer, or just come watch the action as Steampunk builders race remote-control cars carrying teapots around an obstacle course for fun & prizes. Official rules can be found at the Splendid Teapot Racing USA Facebook group.
Presenters: Volunteer: Liz Wang Carpenter
Sat 11:30 am;  «» Grand East;   1 Hour(s);
Prototyping Audience: General
J.W. Productions is a leader in prototyping for the collectible & toy industry. From development, concept, sculpting, 3D printing, engineering, molding/casting, & painting high-end statues & action figures.
Presenters: J.W. Productions
Sat 01:00 pm;  Macon;   1 Hour(s);
How Real Is the Robot Uprising? Audience: General
Fon Davis will draw from his background creating robots of all kinds, along with experience working on both the Matrix & Terminator series. to have a lively discussion about AI & the likelihood of robots taking over the world.
Presenters: Fon Davis
Sat 02:30 pm;  « Atlanta;   1 Hour(s);
Sculpting Techniques Audience: General
The Shiflett Brothers began their careers sculpting iconic character statues for Marvel Comics. The brothers have won the Spectrum Gold Award for Dimensional Work in Spectrum: The Best in Contemporary Fantasy Art & have created master-class instructional sculpting videos for the Gnomon Workshop.
Presenters: The Shiflett Brothers
Sat 02:30 pm;  « Macon;   1 Hour(s);
Adventures in RepRap: Hangprinter 3D Printer Development Audience: General
Hangprinter is a RepRap open-source fused deposition-modeling delta 3D printer notable for its unique frameless design. This panel will discuss the current state of development with this frameless 3D printer design, lessons learned, & live demos with a Hangprinter on site.
Presenters: Panelist: Tanju Bayramoglu, Panelist: The Maker Station makerspace, Panelist: Alex Benz, Panelist: Mike Ross
Sat 04:00 pm;  « Atlanta;   1 Hour(s);
Clay Techniques Audience: General
Noemi Romero is a traditional sculptor for maquettes & toy prototypes. She enjoys hand making all her pieces in clay, including armature building, sanding, molding, & casting. She has worked for Disney TV & DreamWorks TV, including developing the Dragon Con baby dragon resin toy prototype.
Presenters: Noemi Romero
Sat 04:00 pm;  « Macon;   1 Hour(s);
Mars 2020 Rover: New & Improved Audience: General
In 2020, NASA will be launching its fifth Rover to Mars. Learn about the new technologies & upgrades from its predecessors that we are frantically trying to design, build, and validate in time!
Presenters: Kim Steadman, Sarah Milkovich
Sat 05:30 pm;  « Atlanta;   1 Hour(s);
Animatronics: from MiB to Stranger Things Audience: General
A deep look into the art & technology of practical creature effects, featuring some of Mark Setrakian’s most iconic animatronic creations from Men in Black, Hellboy, & Stranger Things.
Presenters: Panelist: Mark Setrakian
Sat 05:30 pm;  « Macon;   1 Hour(s);
Microcontrollers Audience: General

Science Track Room

Sat 07:00 pm;  «» 302-305;   1 Hour(s);

Preparing & Applying for Battlebots Audience: General
You’ve seen the show, & now you want to be part of it. Find out how to move from enthusiast to entrant in future seasons of BattleBots.
Presenters: Peter Abrahamson, Panelist: Mike Jeffries
Sat 07:00 pm;  « Atlanta;   1 Hour(s);
Your Other Car Is on Mars Audience: General
How does an international group of scientists a& engineers come together to tell a semi-autonomous car-sized robot what to do–when that robot is millions of kilometers away?
Presenters: Kim Steadman, Sarah Milkovich
Sun 10:00 am;  « Atlanta;   1 Hour(s);
Robot Micro Battles TM Audience: General

Presenters: Kelly Lockhart(M)

Sun 10:00 am;  «» International North-South;   4 Hour(s);

Paper Circuits: Simple Electronic Circuitry for Costuming Audience: General

Costuming Track Room

Sun 11:30 am;  «» 307;   1 Hour(s);

From Workshop to Lab: How Making & Scientific Research Go Hand in Hand Audience: General
Join a group of researchers from the GVU Center at Georgia Tech for a discussion on how our experiences with making have shaped our research projects. This talk will cover the personal side of DIY prototyping in computing research.
Presenters: Panelist: Tim Trent, Panelist: Chad Ramey, Panelist: Noah Posner, Panelist: Scott Gilliland, Panelist: Ceara Byrne
Sun 11:30 am;  « Atlanta;   1 Hour(s);
Robotics in the Art World Audience: General
In 2014, a viral video of a female robot dancing in front of a mirror stunned the world. Mark Setrakian reveals the technology behind this infamous contemporary artwork that challenges the uncanny valley.
Presenters: Panelist: Mark Setrakian
Sun 11:30 am;  « Macon;   1 Hour(s);
How Stop Motion Is Created Audience: General
Fon Davis, whose stop-motion projects include The Nightmare Before Christmas, James and the Giant Peach, and Coraline, will give you a behind-the-scenes look at how the many departments on a movie work together to create stop-motion magic.
Presenters: Fon Davis
Sun 01:00 pm;  Atlanta;   1 Hour(s);
Costume Hacking: Intro to Sewable Electronics for Accessories & Apparel Audience: General
Learn how to incorporate electronics directly into your costumes or fabric props using conductive thread & LilyPad sewable hardware. In this session, you will get an overview of ways to plan how to add lights, sound, & other interactive elements to your existing costumes plus tips & techniques.
Presenters: Angela Sheehan
Sun 02:30 pm;  Atlanta;   1 Hour(s);
How to Bring Craft/Heritage Arts into Contemporary Society Audience: General
How Forged in Fire has created excitement around hand-making weapons and working with metal. Which practices in their craft haven’t changed since olden times, and why. How their business model works for what they want to do with the craft.
Sun 04:00 pm;  Atlanta;   1 Hour(s);
Costume Hacking: Intro to Sewable Electronics for Accessories & Apparel Audience: General
Learn how to incorporate electronics directly into your costumes or fabric props using conductive thread & LilyPad sewable hardware. In this session, you will get an overview of ways to plan how to add lights, sound, & other interactive elements to your existing costumes plus tips & techniques.
Presenters: Angela Sheehan
Sun 05:30 pm;  « Atlanta;   1 Hour(s);
Industry Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing & the Maker Community Audience: General
Carbon fiber parts made with AM, metallic 3D printed parts, printed replicas of very large printed parts, even 3D printed furniture.
Presenters: Panelist: Michael A. Kline
Sun 05:30 pm;  « Macon;   1 Hour(s);
Communicating Ideas through Your Builds Audience: General
Nick Householder, science demonstration builder for The Tonight Show and Science Channel, explains the complexities of effectively communicating ideas through things you build…using live science demos!
Presenters: Nick Householder
Sun 07:00 pm;  « Atlanta;   1 Hour(s);
Away from the Screen & into the Shop Audience: General
Drop the phone, & grab a tool: Stories, tips, & discussion about getting kids away from their screens & into the shop.
Presenters: Panelist: Brandon Myers
Sun 07:00 pm;  « Macon;   1 Hour(s);
Relax! Makers Unplugged: Imagine the Popsiclebilities Audience: Kid Friendly
A no-pressure workshop. Come relax & let your imagination run free with popsicle sticks & other supplies. Will you make costume props? Will you make your version of famous landmarks? The popsiclebilities are endless! Minors must be accompanied by an adult for the duration of the workshop.
Presenters: Volunteer: Valerie Hill
Sun 08:30 pm;  Atlanta;   1 Hour(s);
Robot Battles TM Audience: General

Presenters: Kelly Lockhart(M)

Mon 10:00 am;  «» Regency VI-VII;   4 Hour(s);